HP Pocket Playlist 32GB Streaming HDD

HP Pocket Playlist 32GB Streaming HDD

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Ekstern mini Harddisk som både kan tilsluttes med kabel - eller op til 5 enheder trådløst, ved at skabe sit eget netværk som kan tilgåes alle enheder der har wi-fi indbygget. Simpelt enkelt og smart.

Netværksdrev, Hi-Speed USB / 802.11b/g/n, 32 GB, Stream musik og film til 5 IOS eller Android enheder samtidig.

kommer med USB kabel samt kompakt USB Billader til cigarettænderen som desuden også kan lade en lang række andre produkter.

HP Pocket Playlist 32GB Streaming HDD

The HP Pocket Playlist goes beyond what's expected from portable media storage and entertainment. With no Internet connection required while streaming and no need for a data plan, this innovative portable device streams unencrypted content - movies, music, TV shows and photos - to up to five mobile devices at the same time. This premium entertainment device acts like a home DVR but is smaller and lighter than the average smartphone, making it easy to take anywhere.

-32GB of storage power. What does that equal? 16 full-length movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos. That's massive amount of entertainment.

-The choice is yours. Stream different content - movies, music, TV shows, photos-to 5 different mobile devices at the same time.

-Victory over trial and error. High-Tech transcoding video formatting software promise that your content plays properly every time.

-Streams unencrypted content only. Requires iOS 4.3 and above; Windows XP/Vista/7/8; Android 2.2 and above, Kindle Fire and above. Assumes 2GB per movie, 4.3MB per song, 3.2MB per photo.


Mobile as your smartphone. Convenient as your DVR.
A revolution in the way you enjoy your digital entertainment content: anytime, anywhere…
This revolutionary little box streams different kinds of content: movies, music, TV shows, photos—to up to 5 individual mobile devices at the same time. The HP Pocket Playlist uses a WiFi connection directly between your smartphone, tablet or PC, so no Internet connection is required while streaming your favorite video or music selection. That means you won't eat into your monthly data plan. You can personalize it like your home DVR to fit your needs, your mood and every location situation. Just use it once and you'll wonder why nobody's thought of this before.

Why HP Playlist?
No other portable media streaming device can do what the HP Playlist does:
Browse, manage, copy, and delete the files and folders on your HP Pocket Playlist device.
Convert audio and video files for playback on your mobile device.
Files are stored on the HP Pocket Playlist, while playback occurs on your personal mobile device. This software adjusts the file format on the HP Pocket Playlist to match the output device that you select, so that you can play that file from your mobile device.
The media converter also lets you transform unencrypted DVD content into a single file that you can copy to the HP Pocket Playlist device and stream to your mobile device.
HP Pocket Playlist Drive
What's in the box?
view larger.
What's in the box?
Pocket Playlist drive
AC Adapter and USB cable
Car adapter (works with USB cable)
QSG, Warranty POD, CD w/PC SW and Owner's Manual
iOS and Android device apps available for download
Features and Benefits
Pocket storage and playback – it's like having a DVR in your pocket.
Thinner and lighter than most smartphones.
32GB Capacity holds up to 16 full length movies, 7,600 songs, or 10,000 photos.
Streams up to 3 videos simultaneously to any DLNA enabled “screen”.
Plays up to 5 audio streams simultaneously.
Plays content seamlessly to most Android, Windows, and iOS, Wi-Fi enabled mobile device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and iPod touch. (Essentially any device that is DLNA enabled).
NO 3G or 4G wireless plan needed!
Easily transfer content to HP Pocket Playlist from your PC with a USB connection or wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.
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